Top 5 Places To Meet Women That Aren't Bars Or Clubs

Friday is the beginning of next two wonderful days; it is time to go out, meet women, try new things and be social. Are you ready for this, but where can you meet nice women? Bars and clubs come to mind first. But these places are not good idea if you are under 21 or you do not like places like that because of too much noise. You do not have to smoky, noisy and highly expensive bars to meet women. There are too many alternatives. Here we compiled top 5 places to meet women that aren’t bars or clubs.


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Classes are great place to meet women. Many of colleagues offer audit classes like culinary skills, art history, language and others. It is easy to talk and meet new people here. Especially women prefer art history and language classes. 

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Classes 340
Coffee Shops
Coffee Shops 300
The Gym
The Gym 253
Bookstores 248
The Mall
The Mall 196

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