5 Most Hideous Animals Made Charming On The Online Dating Profiles Of Theirs

Online dating is a game whether the significance of good looks is immense. All and sundry could be made photogenic and the credit for this goes to the art of image editing. However, what about additional creatures? Tine Sti had witnessed a catalog of animals that have always been ranked amongst the most repulsive. What immediate came to her mind was an analogous space where they seek to discover love online and alter themselves digitally into kawaii characters. In the section below we look at some collages where she transforms these creatures into lovable characters. The collages have been made by the use of ink, cardboard and acrylic paint.


11 Up Vote Down Vote 1
# On Screen Rank Point
Blobfish 11
Naked mole rat
Naked mole rat 11
Southern elephant seal
Southern elephant seal 11
Proboscis monkey
Proboscis monkey 11
Titicaca water frog
Titicaca water frog 11

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