A Penguin Couple Is Seen To Fight Over A Cheating Partner- Stay Engrossed

The Internet has recently gone crazy over footage of a male penguin fighting with another male for winning the love of his female partner.

On Friday evening, The Nat Geo channel spotted two penguins fighting with each other over a cheating partner

The husband returned home a saw his wife with another penguin.

He saw his beloved wife in the arms of another penguin enjoying herself really well

The husband was really enraged and he jumped over the other male penguin and got into a brawl after which the fight came to a standstill

Both of them seemed to have a discussion

The penguins started fighting again with a lot of spirit and vigor

And finally…. The husband penguin lost the battle 

He ended up surrendering his wife, his house and everything

He was totally injured and was bleeding profusely

And now the sad penguin is roaming from place to place, finding a new partner and a new home again!

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